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Change Leadership LLC is all about empowering leaders--- from work teams to Senior Leaders in business and academia--- to move their organizations from the current state to a more robust, vibrant future. Change Leadership LLC provides NGOs with the expertise in Coaching and Change Management to ensure project sustainability. We are about the management of change in today’s fast changing world and the ability to manage organizational and cultural changes.

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Leadership is not a “soft skill”. People skills never are easy. And combined with the process and tools used by professional Change Managers, it can be a daunting task. Yet leaders must manage the changes they are implementing with risk assessments, mitigation and implementation plans and metrics, communication, and training opportunities. “The king spoke and therefore it was” does not work in today’s wired, multi-tasking, bottom-line driven organizational world.

How is Change Leadership LLC different from other consultancies?

  • It is a win-win relationship. Change Leadership LLC initially works directly with the client in a partnership to assess the current state, and propose a plan to address the issues up front at no cost. And Change Leadership LLC will step up to the plate and is willing to say, “We do not deliver ‘sheep dip’ programs- with one program fitting all needs.” And we don’t tell a potential client that we customize and then re-use last year’s design, activities and materials.

    All interventions are based on a client’s specific needs and the business change they are driving to implement.

  • We are prepared to deliver the entire process in a turnkey fashion or to train client staff in the processes and tools so that they can sustain the change at no additional outside cost to the business.

  • To help ensure sustainability, we offer ongoing professional coaching.

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